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Blue South translation agency offers a translation service for businesses.

Whatever your industry, be it import/export, marketing, manufacturing, tourism or government, Blue South can help with your translation requirements. We understand the needs of business customers; we provide the highest quality translations, on time, on budget, with minimum fuss.

Meet the team: Topic Targeted Translators™ in Location

Our Topic Targeted Translators™ live in the country of their language, immersed in the culture and in touch with current trends, this ensures that business translations are tailored to the target audience and use an appropriate and relevant style.

Located around the World, Blue South Translators translate most language combinations. Learn more about Blue South Translators »

Blue South - Caring for the Environment

At Blue South, we strive to minimize the environmental impact of our business, to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Specific efforts undertaken to achieve what we believe is a very low environmental footprint include:

  • We run an almost paperless office; our systems have been developed so that there is no need to print paper records etc.
  • Delivery and communication of files is completed electronically, significantly reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating the need for postage of hard copies
  • We use energy efficient lighting and the building is insulated in compliance with the Building Code
  • Our power for lighting and heating is from renewable sources (local hydro-electric power stations) 

Meet the team: Management

Based in New Zealand, the Management centre is the hub of the global Blue South team. A blend of superb linguistic skills and business experience means that we understand your business requirements and can deliver the best translation service.


Hayden Barrett
Hayden Barrett, Director.

As Director of Blue South, Hayden is the driving force behind a dynamic team of Project Managers and Translators. Hayden has a background in Electrical Engineering and has been a successful business figure in Canterbury for many years; having established, owned and operated businesses throughout Christchurch, before taking over Blue South in January 2009. Hayden's strong emphasis on quality customer service, coupled with his advanced understanding of translation needs, has ensured customers return to Blue South time and time again. Working remotely with clients and suppliers around the world has provided Hayden with a thorough understanding of international markets and the necessary requirements to ensure global success. Backed by world class Translation Technology and an externally certified Quality Management System, Hayden is well on his way to ensuring Blue South becomes a recognised brand within New Zealand and a market leader in international translation services.      

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Hayley Barrett
Hayley Barrett, Director/Project Manager.

Hayley’s background is in sales and she has worked extensively in this area in New Zealand and overseas. She has worked in many different sectors including tourism, electronics, importing and exporting, and as such has a great understanding of the needs of each group. Hayley is able to tailor solutions to suit our client’s requirements ensuring fast, accurate translations are delivered.

As a published author, she has a strong attention to detail. With an emphasis on customer relationships, Hayley helps businesses realise their global potential by assisting with every step of the translation process. She is also responsible for increasing awareness and raising the profile of Blue South.
Casey Murphy
Casey Murphy, Project Manager.

Casey is the newest member of our team and is highly organised with a strong customer service background. She has a journalism degree and has also worked in administration and management. During these previous positions she has acquired the right skills to be a very effective project manager at Blue South.

Casey is excited by the prospect of meeting and working with all of our clients.
Matt Mace, Project Manager.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and comes from a strong customer service background. He is highly experienced in using many different computer software packages and has a keen interest in translation memory software. With a strong appreciation of the translation needs, Matt is excited to work with our existing and prospective clients.
Kelly Osborn, Quality Control Coordinator. 

Kelly spent the first ten years of her career working in a government department, eventually working in management positions in this role. Since then she has used her management experience to further her career in the health and, more recently, construction industries. At Blue South, she is responsible for ensuring our Quality Assurance system is up to date and implemented meaning customers can be certain our high standards are continually being met.

Proven success

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, we work nationally and internationally across all sectors of the economy. 98% of our business comes from the main centres within Australasia. Working remotely with clients and suppliers around the world is one of our strengths.  Read more about our clients »

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