Did you know that there are 322 languages spoken in the United States alone, ranging alphabetically from Abnaki to Zuni?

The Americas are incredibly diverse when it comes to languages. Canada is an officially bilingual country, with French the mother tongue of nearly 7 million Canadians (or 22% of the population). The United States is a melting pot of languages with Spanish the second most spoken language after English, not to mention a vast range of immigrant and native languages still in heavy use. And let’s not forget Central and South America which are predominantly Spanish speaking, and Brazil where Portuguese is the language of choice.

With so many languages in play, it's no wonder businesses need to translate their communications to reach a wider audience and consumer market. Each language comes with its own set of distinct characteristics depending on the region and culture of its people. And of course, each industry has its own set of terminology and lingo that needs to be translated accurately.

While we translate into many languages used in the Americas, our most common translations involve Spanish, Portuguese or Canadian French.

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