Canadian French Language Translation

Our expert Canadian French language translators offer services for English to Canadian French and Canadian French to English.

Why choose our services for your Canadian French translation project?

  • All of our experienced and proficient Canadian French Translators live and breathe the language and culture in Canada. They are exposed to the latest linguistic trends and can evolve works and expressions as they relate to your specific needs.
  • One of our specialist Topic Targeted Canadian French Translators who understands your business will be specifically assigned to you. You can rest assured that your translation project will be accurate, regardless of the subject matter.
  • You will be kept up to date and informed of the progress of your project by your dedicated project manager. They are your single point of contact and are on hand to assist you with any queries you may have relating to your translation.

How the Canadian French Language came about

This language is the mother tongue of over seven million Canadians, or roughly 22% of the national population. Although the entire country is officially bilingual, French is the every-day language of only one of its ten provinces, Quebec. However, it is widely spoken in neighbouring provinces and communities.

Because Canada is the home of two official languages, all federal government organisations must offer their services and communications through both English and Canadian French. All food labelling must incorporate both Canadian French and English, and the private sector is encouraged to acknowledge both languages right across the country.

How does Canadian French compare with the French spoken in France? The difference is similar in degree to the difference between American and British English. While the formal written language is almost interchangeable, differences become much more evident in informal uses of the language. Furthermore, the European and Canadian French (or “Quebecois”) accents are very distinct.

Fact: In Canadian French, no spaces are added before punctuation marks other than the colon, while European French requires spaces in front of the exclamation mark, the question mark, the colon and the semicolon.



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