Spanish Language Translation

At Blue South New Zealand, we provide expert language interpretation services to translate English into Spanish and Spanish into English.

Why choose Blue South for your Spanish Language Translation?

  • We appoint you a translator who lives and breathes the Spanish language and culture. The Translator has a firm understanding of the latest linguistic styles and is able to evolve words and expressions as they relate to your requirements.
  • You are allocated a single contact person, a dedicated project manager. Not only will they keep you up to date with the status of your project, they are also the first point of call throughout the project. Should you have any queries or concerns, they are there to help.
Unlike many Spanish translation services, we distinguish between the many varieties of Spanish, from Mexican Spanish in the north of the Americas right down to Argentinean Spanish in the far south. Because we use Spanish translators based in the specific area, you can rest assured that your translated document will be understood and read smoothly by your intended audience. We also have Spanish translators located in Spain, for your European Spanish translation projects.

History of Spanish Language

Spanish is an extensively used language. In the USA, Spanish is spoken natively by about 12% of the population (which equates to approximately 34 million people). Spanish is the official language of approximately 19 countries, with Mexico alone containing more than 20% of Spanish speakers worldwide.

Despite its vast use, it’s important to understand that Spanish is no one single set of words and grammatical rules but a richly nuanced language that varies from country to country. In just one example, the Real Academia Española lists 27 possible meanings for the word “taco”, including "swearword" in Spain and "traffic jam" in Chile. Yet to non-Spanish speakers a “taco” simply means a Mexican corn tortilla.

Here’s an interesting fact: Spanish is the second most natively spoken language worldwide, after Mandarin Chinese.

Where do I start with my Spanish translation requirements?

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