European Language Translations

There are approximately 230 languages spoken in Europe ­– not to mention five different alphabets in use.

With its long history and vast array of cultures, it comes as no surprise that many different languages are spoken in Europe. The European Union recognises 23 languages as “official and working” and encourages people of all nations to be multilingual.

Today, while 51% of adults can understand English, the most widely spoken first language in the EU is actually German. Recent ethnic immigration has introduced many more languages into the mix such as Arabic, Hindi and Mandarin Chinese, many of which are in day-to-day use.

Conflicts over language have played a major part in European history and many countries have laws to protect their language. For instance, in France, a law passed in 1539 states that every official document in France should be written in French. The Toubon Law, passed in 1994, aims to eliminate Anglicism from official documents e.g. User Manuals, Brochures, Invoices and Guarantees.

Whether you need translation services to reach a new market or meet the government requirements of various nations, it’s essential to ensure your translations are accurate, meaningful and easily understood by your desired audience.

Our most commonly requested languages for the European market are French, Russian and German.

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