French Language Translation

Blue South provides a professional French translation service. We are able to translate English into French and French into English, as well as French into, and from, non-English languages.

Why use Blue South New Zealand's French Translation Service?

  • You will be appointed a French translator who lives and breathes the language and culture in France. Our French translators are up to date with the latest language trends and we can guarantee you that your project will have complete and accurate translation, no matter what your topic.
  • An experienced and dedicated project manager is available to assist you, and is your single point of contact for any queries you may have.

How did the French Language come about?

Globally spoken by approximately 70 million people, French is widely considered to be among the top 20 most spoken languages in the World. French is the official language of France and also its 10 overseas territories that span the globe from Africa to the Antarctic lands.

Today in France there is debate about the preservation of the French language and the influence of English especially regarding international business, science and popular culture. The Toubon Law, which came into force in France in 1994, dictates the use of the French language in official government publications, advertisements, and many other contexts.

This law makes it mandatory for commercial advertisements and public broadcasts to be given in French. Advertisements that are created in a foreign language often have a translation in the footnotes. Non-commercial communications, web pages or publications from individuals or private bodies can be in any language.

In addition to French, there are at least ten distinct Romance languages spoken in France, including Picard, Gascon, Provençal, and more. With our location based translators, you can be assured that your communications will be translated as required, to the audience you intend to reach.

Fact: The French language is a Romance language, meaning that it is descended from Latin.



Where do I start if I need French translation services?

For all of your French translation needs, speak to one of the team at Blue South.
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