Hebrew Language Translation Services

Our professional translators provide expert interpretation services to convert your project from English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English.

Why choose the team at Blue South for your translation project?

  • We guarantee you a professional and accurate service. One of our appointed Hebrew translators who lives and breathes the language in the country, as well as having a firm grasp of the culture and skills required to speak the language, will accurately translate your text.
  • Producing translations with accurate content is of utmost important to us. No matter what subject matter your project is about, we will appoint you an expert translator, who is not only proficient in Hebrew language translations, but who understands your specific business.

Hebrew Language History

The Hebrew Language flourished from the 10th to 7th centuries BC. By the 4th century BC it was virtually extinct as a spoken language and survived instead as a literary language, particularly in the religious texts of Judaism. In the late 1900’s it underwent a revival, and today Modern Hebrew is spoken by most of the seven million people living in Israel, as well as other communities around the world.

Modern Hebrew is written in an alphabet consisting of 22 consonants. It is often referred to as the “alefbet” after its first two letters, “alef” and “biet”. English and Hebrew are written the complete opposite way, with English written from the left side of the page to the right, and Hebrew written from the right side of the page, to the left.

Interestingly, no distinct vowels in the Hebrew alphabet exist, as fluent speakers of Hebrew do not need vowels to understand the language. To assist pronunciation, a series of dashes and dots called “nikkud”, are positioned above or below the consonants. In general, nikkud are seldom used, except in specialized publications including poetry, dictionaries, children's books and documents for new immigrants.

Here’s an interesting fact for you - There are no distinct capital or lowercase letters in the Hebrew alphabet. It is all one case.



So where do I begin if I require Hebrew translation?

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