Translation quality is ensured by our consistent approach, not only of resources but also of processes. We ensure this through the following:
  • For on-going projects we learn the client’s preferred terminology, style and other specific requirements. Once a translator has been established on a project for a client, we will use the same translator again for the next project, to ensure consistency.
  • Translation memory software enables re-use of repeating segments, throughout all documentation for which the memory is applied, ensuring consistency. More about Translation Technology »
  • We work with customers to create glossaries of terminology per language pair. These are used during the translation process (and grow as required) to further aid consistency and most importantly, reduce the amount of time required for external reviews. To create glossaries of terminology, we can use smart software to generate source language terms for each product group and work with clients to manage the production of multi-lingual glossaries which will grow with the product range. More about Translation Technology »

How do I get started?

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