Project Management

"Their work is always on time and I never have to chase them for anything." - Trimble Navigation.

Projects often involve multiple source documents, 10+ languages and a change of format such as typesetting or inputting text into a website. Project Management is essential to ensure the translation is delivered on time, on budget and meeting or exceeding client expectations.

Project Manager Responsibilities

A Project Manager will be assigned to take sole responsibility for managing the project through to completion. This means that clients have a single, accessible point of contact for each project.

Understanding client requirements is critically important to the whole process. The Project Manager will clarify technical and project related issues and will ensure that the client is kept fully informed about project status.

Operations Manual

The Project Manager will work according to the Blue South Operations Manual (as certified according to ISO 9001:2008) which defines procedures to follow for every step of the project. More »

Security of Data

Procedures for ensuring security of data have been written into the company’s Operations Manual. To protect data, files are backed up daily and completed jobs are archived to two different storage media. Back up tapes and all archived material are stored off site when the office is closed. 

Further, to protect against system crashes, we have redundant systems/hardware to avoid time being lost in the event of a system failure.


Blue South will treat any client information which it acquires in the course of undertaking translation work as a professional secret and will not divulge such information to any other parties.

Clients New to Translation 

For new clients, we will take time to explain the process and answer any queries.
Flow charts showing typical projects »

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