Quality Assured Translator Approval Process™

Translation is a profession in its own right. In addition to a degree or post graduate degree in translation, translators need a broad set of skills - from the obvious linguistic ability, to the ability to cope with a wide range of software applications and most importantly, being a good business partner.

Less than one in ten of the professional translators who start the screening and evaluation process become a Blue South approved translator.

To ensure that only the very best translators from around the World are selected, the Blue South translator approval process comprises:


All potential translators are initially screened against a very particular set of criteria. This screening ranks translators on:
  • Experience/qualification in translation
  • Professionalism
  • Linguistic skills
  • Linguistic qualifications
  • Specialist area
  • Work and qualifications in areas outside of linguistics to back up their area of speciality 


Short-listed candidates are then evaluated in more detail using methods which include a combination of references, independent evaluations and more detailed screening.

Identification of strengths

Via the screening and evaluation process, we can determine the real subject area strengths of the translators e.g. IT software, mechanical, pharmaceuticals, copywriting. 

On-going assessment

As required by our certified Quality Management System (ISO 9001), all approved translators are subject to on-going assessment.

How do I get started?

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