Why Blue South Translation?

Wherever the market, whatever the business, leading New Zealand companies trust Blue South to deliver the translations they need; on time; on budget; professionally.

Blue South's translation service is unique - we work exclusively with business clients so every facet of our operation is focused on delivering the best quality translations for business.

Our service covers every type of business translation, from plain text to the most complex multi-lingual projects for printing, software and websites.

Only Blue South Offers These Benefits

Translation in Location

Our translators live and work in the country of the target language, immersed in the local culture and translating into their mother tongue.

Result: Linguistically current and correct translations


Topic Targeted Translators

We only use expert human, industry-specific translators who specialise in the subject matter of your business.

Result: Translations as good as the source text, whatever your business.


Translation Technology

We know how to leverage the latest developments in translation technology so that our human translators can work more efficiently.

Result: Time and money saved on large translation projects.