Topic Targeted Translators™ - Matching our expertise with your business

Translators who understand the subject, work faster and produce better quality translations, which results in translations as good as the source text, whatever your business.
"Blue South’s source translators have a good understanding of our industry and that’s a crucial difference, the translators know exactly what we’re talking about when they translate."  - AuCom Electronics

Just as your original copy needs to be written by someone who understands the subject, the Translator must also be someone who has an understanding of the content. For this reason, we do not use general Translators who do not have a specialist field. Instead we use Blue South Topic Targeted Translators™, who are selected not only for their linguistic abilities, but also for their experience/qualifications in their specialist translation field. In the field of advertising, for example, specialist copywriting skills are required to re-create slogans and brand material. The Translator must understand the original concept and have the ability to write new copy in their own language. 

All of Blue South Topic Targeted Translators have been certified by the Blue South Quality Assured Translator Approval Process.™ »

Located around the world, Blue South have translators for almost all language combinations. More info about languages »

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