Re-importation of translated text into Publishing and Authoring files

Traditional typesetting is quite a time consuming process involving checking, correcting, re-checking and finding the new errors which tend to be introduced in the process. 

Introducing re-import

Blue South has invested in new software, which allows us to take the use of translation memory software a step further. This results in the following benefits:
  • Significant cost savings compared with conventional “typesetting”
  • Massive time saving compared with conventional “typesetting” – faster to print
  • Reduced possibilities for “typos” occurring during typesetting (typesetting is a stage when errors are typically introduced due to human error)
  • Simplified procedures for updating jobs
We can extract text to be translated directly from most Indesign and Framemaker artwork in a format which preserves the formatting data. After translation (using the full benefits of translation memory software), we can re-import the translated text into the artwork and it will automatically adopt the format of the original. This eliminates the laborious task of pasting text into the artwork which inevitably leads to multiple rounds of proof reading and corrections. Of course, the artwork will still be proof read by the original translator but the whole process has proven to be much faster.

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How do I get started?

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