Translation in Location

Translators who are immersed in the target language produce linguistically current and correct translations.

"It made so much sense to use a service in-country, and from the proofing process it was clear the translation quality was excellent." Siliconcoach

We use only the very best Translators around the world, who live and work in the country of their own language, who translate into their native tongue. Our Translators are immersed in the culture and in touch with current trends. This ensures business translations are tailored to the target audience and use an appropriate and current style.
Quality assured, each Topic Targeted Translator™ is a specialist in their own field, which means translations as good as the source material.

Each Blue South Translator is certified by our Quality Assured Translator Approval Process™.


Why translation "In Location"?

With business translation, it is vital that the correct style is used to ensure the translation is received as the client intended. Only by using Translators who live in the country of their mother tongue, and are immersed in the culture of the target language (Translation In Location™), can we ensure the end result has exactly the right style and tone to meet the client's objectives.
  • Maintaining language skills: when translators live outside the country of their mother tongue they are in danger of losing some of their native language ability. They are no longer immersed in the target language and, due to everyday use of another language with different grammatical structures, translation quality can suffer.
  • Accurate use of evolving words and expressions: every language is subtly and continuously evolving. Our translators are living within this evolution and are sensitive to the changes applicable to particular target audiences. Issues which typically occur include:
  1. words and expressions moving in and out of use by different groups within society
  2. adoption of foreign words, often with variations amongst different age groups
  3. rapid introduction of new technology, leading to new technical terms

How do I get started?

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